From the recording Dust (2015)


Jimmy Whiffen Songs

Written by Jimmy Whiffen/Olivia Wik © 2013(SOCAN)
Verse 1
Let’s have another round boy
Drink it on down boys
It don’t stay cold for long
You only live once
Let’s have a lot of fun
Cause you know we'll be moving on
Pre Chorus
Gotta a get a little beer drunk hazy
Gotta get a little red neck crazy
We’re gonna leave our mark on this town
Ya Ya Ya
But we still got tradition
We still like fishin and
Our Hanks still playin on bust
Ya we like to drink
And we got a lot of ink
And we don’t care what you think about us
Ya Ya Ya Ya
We’re good old boys with jacked up trucks
Leavin tracks and makin dust
Verse 2
Let’s take it to the ledge boys
Living on the edge boys
Chase it down with something strong
We gotta go all night
Till the sky gets bright
Livin like a country song

Pre Chorus

Live it up, drink it up, fill it up. no givin up

Pre Chorus
Makin Dust x3
Let’s get outta this town.